Video games localization

Localizing video games is an art form. And we’re definitely the artists you’re looking for.A remédiator at work
REMÉDIA is a localization specialist in Rimouski, Québec

Our approach is pretty straight-forward : we play the game, then we translate it. Why is it so important for us to understand your game before trying to localize it in French? Because context matters. If we simply tried to translate your art word by word with an automatic translator, we would never be able to translate what you really meant, what’s the intentions behind the words. For us, video games localization is an art form.

Get professional writers to translate your game

Practical solutions to help localize your game in time

Our approach of translation complements your game development by providing you with specialized localization solutions. We’ll ensure your game is translated by professionals in time for your release date! We can also provide support in community management and website developpement.

We’re professional writers who also happens to enjoy games a lot

To translate a game, you better be a gamer. It’s our secret recipe to bring your art to life in a whole new language : enjoy playing, understand the intentions and translate them in a new language. Showing respect for your art is the first step towards localizing it.

We understand context matters, even for a user interface

Even for menus and UX, the context of a game matters. A lot. How many horror video games were ruined by obscure menus? Or by errors that irked the player? Being gamers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to communicate what needs to be said while contributing to the immersion.

We take video games very seriously

Gaming is a serious business. Aside from the fun of playing a game, we think writing for one should require as much expertise as writing for any other business. We long studied games and we understand how they are created. This is how we can offer better localization solutions than a translator who looks upon games with a smirk.

Types of games we can help translate

Computer games

Computer games come in many flavors. We'll make sure it's translated the right way!

Translating a computer game isn’t for dummies. We offer solutions to localize computer games quickly and effectively. Our approach allows us to intervene at every step of the development process.

Mobile apps and games

There's nothing worse than an app that's poorly localized.

Mobile games and apps need to be translated in tight schedules and often for many platforms. Here, contents matter more than graphics : we’ll make sure your players stay interested with well-written contents and user interfaces.

Console and casual games

Casual games deserve as much work as hardcore ones when it comes to localization. We can't simply translate the text, we have to translate the fun!

A casual game needs to stay casual game is often fast, fun and short. That being said, localizing such a game requires as much skills as translating a huge RPG. At REMÉDIA, we’ll provide your game with the localization solution your game deserves.

MMOs and social games

MMOs are huge game with lots and lots of texts. They need to be localized by professional writers.

MMOs are often plagued with content. So much that localizing one might seem like an impossible task. New content comes out often and existing contents are regularly revised. We provide continuous support to make sure your game’s localization always stays up to date.

Our main objective is to help independent studios localize their games so they can better show their arts in French. Beside, we’re professional writers and translators who believe your game deserves a professional translation. Translating word-by-word is for noobs only : we’re the Elite!

Why we’re the translators you need

You wouldn’t trust a noob with a ton of dynamite in your brand-new Minecraft server. Why would you trust one with the localization of your entire game?Michel Bouchard aka Kirjai'Lija

Bring you game to life

We won’t simply translate your words, we’ll translate your game. That way, we can bring it to life in a whole new language without loosing your creativity in the process. We don’t simply translate words, we translate the context.

Please your player base

Players will appreciate the localization effort if it’s done well. It might even boost your sale in a new market! By localizing your game and all associated contents, you’ll mobilize players and create a community that will last.

Offer more than the bare minimum

We’ve seen a lot of translations turn bad because not enough efforts were put into them. Here at REMÉDIA, words are our bread and butter. Localizing your game shouldn’t be a sideline project!

We can help you localize your in French!

Let’s translate your craft!

Good thing playing D&D all those years taught us a few things about creativity and translation.Not a jet addict

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